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Tazgi Rasoi

Empowering Communities through Research-Driven Innovation


Research & Strategy


Tazgi Rasoi responds to the RSA Student Design Award challenge, aiming to guarantee clean air for individuals in areas with poor air quality, particularly addressing indoor air pollution in Indian households.

Research-Driven Innovation

Tazgi Rasoi tackles indoor air pollution in rural India from traditional cooking. Using data and a user-centered approach, the project aims to craft a tailored solution for specific community needs.

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In an interview with Ms. Kamidevi from Banka Bihar District, a key insight emerged: '
" I don't have any other choice, as a gas stove is expensive, and the smoke from the mud stoves is bothering me."

This underscores the real challenges individuals face and the need for accessible alternatives.

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In our discussion with Neha Juneja, co-founder of Greenway Appliances, she emphasized,
'While the severity of air pollution is acknowledged, there's a noticeable lack of urgency in addressing the issue.'
This highlights the pressing need to create awareness and urgency in tackling air pollution.

Top to bottom; Ms Kamidevi, Neha Juneja

Strategic Design Solutions

In developing strategic design solutions, Tazgi Rasoi introduces an innovative concept with the mobile cooking booth to promote cleaner cooking methods. The inclusive design caters to various age groups, encouraging family participation and community engagement. Practical considerations address mobility and adaptability, acknowledging real-world constraints like limited space and unreliable power sources.

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Viability & Impact

Tazgi Rasoi innovatively promotes cleaner cooking with a mobile booth, fostering inclusivity and community engagement. Practical considerations address mobility and adaptability for real-world constraints like limited space and unreliable power sources.

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To ensure maximum participation of the community it is made as a space where people can cook, dine together while the children can learn more about air pollution in the interactive play area

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To ensure maximum reach to rural communities in different parts of India the initiative is designed to be able to travel in a compact manner, this also help keep the initiative cost effective.

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