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Enhancing User Experience for a Personal Finance Super App 


 UI Design, User Research, Brand Designer

smartphone in hand mockup (1).png

During my 2021 internship at MONEKO, a Singaporean fintech startup, I refined and designed mobile screens, conducted usability testing, and proposed solutions, gaining valuable insights into real-world UI/UX practices.

New Screen Development

At MONEKO, a key focus of my role was transforming the user experience, particularly through a significant update to overall look of the app. I aimed to provide users with an intuitive experience using color code for the features of the app, making it easier for the user to navigate

Asset 15_2x_edited.jpg
Man Holding iPhone Mockup.png
Mobile in Hand Mockup (1).png

Left to right: Home Screen,  Spending screen,  Calendar Screen

Conducting Usability Testing Session (3).gif

At MONEKO, I organized and moderated remote usability testing sessions. These sessions involved guiding users through tasks using a prototype of the proposed feature, aiming to validate concepts before production.

The insights gained from these sessions fueled my ability to offer solutions that  could help improve digital products.

User testing results 14.png

Top to Bottom: Screenshots from user testing session, page from the presentation of the  result & solution from the session

Collaborating with Marketing Team

Within MONEKO, I thrived in collaborative environments, I collaborated  heavily with the marketing team, ensuring a cohesive alignment between the feature presentation and the brand's messaging. This holistic approach to design and communication resulted in a user experience that resonated deeply with our audience.

Frame 19.png

Taking the original logo, I created characters that represent the Moneko Users and their personality, making use of it in the app & marketing colaterals

Coffee - Moneko Explore Series 01.png
Savings+Sustainability 7.png

Some examples of social media assets that I created for the brand. In collaboration with the content writer in the team, to curate the best contents, while also staying in line with the company goals & messaging.


Rate us.png

My contributions had a meaningful impact on the MONEKO app, though quantifying it purely by numbers may be challenging. Within my three-month internship, I collaborated on crucial usability enhancements and launched design changes. A review on the app store praised the updated UI for its user-friendliness and unique features, reinforcing the positive user engagement I aimed for.

More Works

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Enhancing User Experience for a Personal Finance Super App 

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