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Website Revamp for Leading Home Internet Provider


 UI/ UX Design, Creative Strategy

MacBook Pro 15'' Mockup.png

Enhance lead generation by optimizing Indonesia leading internet provider website for users to check their adresses, create marketing campaigns to engage and acquire customers.


We note down some of the main problem with the current website through competitive benchmarking with companies in similar field. What we noticed form our current websites are

  • Inefficient Scrolling: Users needed to scroll twice to view available packages, causing friction in the user journey.

  • Eligibility Check Accessibility: Lack of a direct button for users to check address eligibility led to user frustration.

  • Limited Options for Ineligible Addresses: Users faced a dead end without alternative options once their address was deemed ineligible. (3).gif

Old version of the XL Satu website


  • Intuitive Relayout: Implemented a user-centric website design, reducing the need for excessive scrolling and ensuring a smoother navigation experience.

  • Prominent Action Button: Placed a direct and prominently positioned button for address eligibility checks, facilitating quick access.

  • Cross-Selling Strategies: Introduced cross-selling opportunities to retain users with ineligible addresses, preventing sales cutoffs.

Update desktop website view of XL SATU 


XL Satu's website observed a rise in traffic, with sessions growing by approximately 6.1%, and users showing an increase of about 8.1%. Despite the overall traffic increase, there was a notable improvement in the engagement rate, surging by 5%.

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